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Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.  Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.

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Keath Michael Jones, 38, of Waverly, NE passed away March 10, 2024. He was born November 6, 1985 to Eldon and Linda (Pease) Jones.

Keath worked in manufacturing as an assembly worker. He was well known for being the true definition of an outdoorsman who survived off the land. He took interest in working with electronics and loved to build or make things. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and never hesitated when someone needed emotional support or comfort.

He is survived by his parents, Eldon and Linda; siblings, Allene (Quinn) Murphy, Laura Jones, Melissa Jones, Eldon Jones, and Brian Jones; nieces and nephews, Renae, Cheyenne, Kelsey, Emily, Trevor, Sally, John, and Liam; great niece, Layla; along with many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Memorial Service will be held 1:00 pm Friday, March 29, 2024 at Metcalf Funeral Home Chapel, 245 N. 27th Street, Lincoln, NE.

Memorials to the family for future designation.

One thought on “Keath Michael Jones

  • Shonna Coleman

    Keath was a unique soul and a free spirit. I’m grateful to have met him and I feel blessed to have the privilege of calling him a friend. We didn’t start out as friends, quite the opposite actually. But this last year that all changed and we became very good friends. He was someone I could confide in and someone who I could count on. Keath would be there in a heart beat to help with anything. He more than once saved our house from flooding when the pumps didn’t work right. He has helped work on cars, landscape, babysit and even has a few times been talked into being a sous chef on the fly. No matter what it was needed you could count on Keath to help out.
    He was far from conventional but that’s what made him special. Not everyone is meant to take on the world of 9 to 5s. With his carefree spirit he was at times more like a kid than a guy in his 30s. But that too was part of his charm.It’s no wonder he was everybody’s favorite uncle. You could count on him to make sure the kids were not only safe but that they were having fun. That would be with everything from setting up a zip line to fishing to making flyers or even building a model. No matter what it was he was one hundred percent devoted to the task and you never had to worry whether or not the kids we’re gonna be safe. You maybe had to worry whether or not there was gonna be a big mess to clean up afterward.But you never worried if the kids were safe and happy.
    Keath was like a sheepdog kinda, happy go lucky but always minding his flock. As much as he liked dogs I don’t think he would mind me saying that. He was sometimes a little absent-minded, but when it came down to the important things.He was very attentive and very aware where what was going on. And if you felt something was wrong you could count on him to speak up. One thing i’ve got to give Keath credit for I don’t think he is ever lied to me once. Even if he knew you were going to be upset with, he would still man up and tell you the truth. Maybe looking down at his feet, but it still tells the truth and the way the world is anymore. That alone makes him stand out as someone special.
    Even though he sometimes drove me crazy with his.
    Antics antics, I still miss the random poppin visits and phone calls just because he was bored.And wanted to see what we were doing. I think we were the last people to see Keath alive. I wish I had known.Then that would be the last time seeing him. He had stayed for breakfand then took off. I never would have thought he wouldn’t show back up again to kick back and have a meal or just come over and chat. Still half expect him to come knocking on at the door at the most random hours. It could be 5 in the morning or 1130 at night.You never knew when Keath was going to arrive. I know he will be missed by all who took the time to actually get to know him and not just make snap judgements based on his unique lifestyle. The world will be much less interesting now that Keath Jones has moved on to his next adventure. I hope you landed in a place where the fish are big and plenty and there’s wilderness to explore as far as you can see Keath. Because I think that would be the place you’d be happiest.

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