Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.  Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.


Vaunceil 'Ceil' C. Lang

Posted on 2/21/2024 by

Vaunceil 'Ceil' C. Lang, 96, of Lincoln, NE, June 28, 1927-February 20, 2024

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Joshua "Josh" David Gropp

Posted on 2/9/2024 by

Joshua "Josh" David Gropp, 34, of Blue Hill, NE, April 18, 1989-Febrauary 4, 2024

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Steven Eric Tillman

Posted on 1/30/2024 by

Steven E. Tillman, 60, of Lincoln, NE, July 21, 1963-January 26, 2024

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Fred Phillip Hartsook

Posted on 1/29/2024 by

Fred Phillip Hartsook, 79, of Lincoln, NE, July 3, 1944-January 26, 2024

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Rita Agnes (Hayes) Haley

Posted on 1/25/2024 by

Rita Agnes (Hayes) Haley, 77, of Lincoln, NE, July 15, 1946-January 18, 2024

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Julie Darlene Talbott

Posted on 1/23/2024 by

Julie Darlene Talbott, 66, of Lincoln, NE, September 20, 1957-January 20, 2024

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Michael "Mike" Eugene Nelson

Posted on 1/19/2024 by

Michael "Mike" Eugene Nelson, 73, of Lincoln, NE, March 6, 1950-January 14, 2024

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Eugene G. Van Ackeren

Posted on 1/17/2024 by

Eugene G. Van Ackeren, 76, of Lincoln, NE, March 20, 1947-January 10, 2024

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Steven Henry Harral

Posted on 11/6/2023 by

Steven Henry Harral, 75, of Lincoln, NE, July 25, 1948-November 3, 2023

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Shirley Nadie (Meyers) Blocher

Posted on 11/2/2023 by

Shirley Nadine (Meyers) Blocher, 87, of Lincoln, NE, October 5, 1935-September 4, 2023

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